Research Affiliates

To maximize the benefit of our field-based research, the TCC team works with researchers from several other organizations in Australia, North America, Europe and Asia. Some of our research affiliates work with us on collaborative research projects. In other cases, we support our affiliates by collecting biological samples such as DNA and tumor biopsies for use in their laboratory research. And several of our university research affiliates supervise the postgraduate researchers on our research team.

kyler abernathy

National Geographic Society


Wild Spy

james biggs

Zoo and Aquarium Association of Australasia

mathew crowther

the university of sydney

Tim faulkner

aussie ark
australian reptile park

Samantha fox

Save the Tasmanian Devil Program

carolyn Hogg

The University of Sydney

neil jordan

Taronga Zoo
The University of New South Wales

Mackenzie L. Kwak

National University of singapore

elizabeth murchison

The University of Cambridge

Tom newsome

the university of sydney

marissa parrott

Zoos Victoria

Ben pitcher

macquarie University
taronga zoo

Euan Ritchie

Deakin University

tracey rogers

The University of New South Wales